Window Reglazing

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Window Reglazing in Long Island

Not all used window related problems require a full window replacement. For newer homes, well-maintained homes and those with relatively new windows, window replacement is usually the most expensive and unnecessary option.

Reglazing is a necessary, time-consuming and tedious process of removing the old putty, or glazing, from around window panes and replacing it. It's mostly needed on windows that were made 15 years ago or longer. How often it's needed depends on how well it was done the last time.

This is a more cost-effective solution but is also more of a temporary fix, as older windows usually have problems that go beyond the glass.

A quick visual inspection should tell you if you need to replace your windows' glazing. If putty is missing, or is dried, cracked and curling, it's time.

Window reglazing is a relatively straightforward procedure, although it is best left to professionals who have access to the right tools. The old or broken glass and old glazing are removed, and a putty knife or similar tool is used to scrape off any old glazing and paint that remains. This process must be carried out carefully, as old glass may crack easily.

The glass is then tapped out with a hammer or removed carefully by hand, using thick gloves for protection. Next, an oil primer is applied to the sash where the glazing will be applied to help it adhere. The glass is then installed in the sash and held in place using small pieces of triangular metal known as glazier points. After the primer has dried, the new glazing is applied with a putty knife at an angle.

Local Window Services is your professional choice to do the project as our re-glazing techniques were improved through years of successful work.

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