Wood Window Repair

Local Window Services are experts at home wood window repair. From broken windows to fixing leaks, let us take the head ache out of fixing your wood windows.

Wood Window Repair Services in Long Island

Local Window Services has been a leading choice in Long Island with wood window repair.

We specialize on almost all wood window repairs, so there is no need to purchase a new set of expensive windows if your problem can be fixed!

Repairing, not replacing, wood windows can be energy efficient and environmentally friendly!

In some time even a good quality windows get damaged from sunlight and wet weather condition which causing it to get discolored, rotting or moldy.
Both rotting and mold in wood window frames are a result of moisture being allowed to come into contact with the material repeatedly for a prolonged period of time.

And while to you it may not look like there is anything wrong with your windows, leaving rotten frames is a serious concern for several reasons.

- If left untreated, rotten wood frames can begin to grow mold. Mold is not only bad for the structure, but also for occupants of the house and can lead to health problems.

- Because rotting occurs when moisture is absorbed into the wood, it is possible for it to spread. On a long enough timeline, this rotting can affect not just the area around the windows.

Most people living in historic homes have an appreciation for the importance of preservation when attacking problems and deterioration with remodeling projects.

The most common historic homeowners we encounter are weighing options between repairing their existing windows (including storm windows) or replacing the existing windows.

When repairing windows in older homes, the process involves removing the old sashes and storm. In many cases the storm is simply replaced due to poor condition. The sashes are stripped of paint (often lead-based paint) and reconditioned with repairs to rotten or weak wood. Damaged glass is replaced. Weatherstripping is added. Window components including sash weight lines and locks and lifts.

Deteriorated wood windows often can be brought back to good condition with selective repair or replacement of damaged parts and the implementation of a regular maintenance program.

Home improvement projects on historic properties often present a higher degree of difficulty due to the nature of original construction, and that is why when it comes to the price for the project, we try to explain that it's a highly skilled repairs that won't be cheap.

Local Window Services will make your windows look like new again! Call us Today to schedule your free estimate!

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